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This campaign is really not about me. I have a few skills, I know a few things, I've been a PTO president, I and my children have experienced multiple educational systems and methods due to my husband's many career moves  to different states and countries. But that's not what I'm focused on. The focus of this campaign is the parents and citizens of Rivanna District and providing some balance to the school board decision making process by presenting a diversity of voices that do not seem to currently have any representation. I've heard many strong voices amongst you for fiscal restraint, educational standards, parental rights, civic responsibilities and national pride, and concerns for the privacy and safety of the students. I want to help these voices become changes in the Albemarle County Public School System. 

Some key points I want to address:

  • Return of high academic standards: We need to allow failing grades and we cannot pass failing students onto the next grade. This is hurtful to the students, both those who are failing and those who are succeeding.
  • Stop micromanagement of staff: Staff members were hired for their excellence; let's listen to them.
  • Cut costs: Our salaries in the general population haven't increased 33% in the past 2 years like this school budget's costs have. We need to put this budget on a diet.

This is a beautiful county, filled with many earnest people of all persuasions. It's time we found unity amongst us. I believe we should seek decisions where we can find consensus, rather than pushing through unilateral decisions based upon the transitory power of one faction over another. It's time we stop defining ourselves by what differentiates us and start joining together on the goals and dreams we do share as citizens of this county. 


Here's a short bio of me: Moved to Albemarle in 2016, first generation American, married with 3 grown, successful children; studio artist who exhibited in the U.S. and Germany; M.A. in Philosophy from George Mason Univ.; founder and current Chief Operating Officer of Juncture Consulting, LLC; frugal Quaker who believes there is that of God in all of us.

de Stefano for School Board